Yesterday (Feb.19th, 2013) after watching the movie Timeshare…  and also, sort of, about photography…

We need to be perturbed…

To be able to do this through film or photography would be a good opportunity or a magical ambiguous mediator, to crack holes in our shells (both as spectators and doers) and breathe.

It doesn’t actually matter

Whether it is colored or black-and-white,

Whether such or such camera captures it,

What kind of lens is used?

What’s crucial is to get rid of the ease,

To be (and to make) anxious, to reflect the restless discomfort through film or photography and transform it into new/different emotions and questions. Then to be even more perturbed and to feel much uneasy.

Therefore, rather than shooting neutral, disinterested natural beauties or desperate figures, without being lured by beauty, to look at life and things, from the perspective of the images dangling in purgatory… Perhaps to seek the uncanniness of the nature, by touching the aspects of the lives, our lives, that we never interfere with, that we pretend they don’t exist, and eventually try to break free of our shells.

To pursue uneasiness just for this reason.

Just because we need to confront the questions we cannot answer, rather than clear answers, in order to get in touch with ourselves.

To stay in anxiety, in unease, in the abyss and the void.

Because only then we can be vulnerable… and only then we can approach the life and ourselves

Perhaps, rather than crystal clear explanations, it is the ineffability of the times and the spaces in which we feel desperate, disturbed and lonely that gives us the chance to break our shells?


Laleper Aytek